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Frequently Asked Questions

What should I expect during my facial?

Depending on the length of your treatment you may or may not have to wear a spa gown. For 60 or 90-minute treatments, you will be provided with a spa gown. If you have booked a 30 or 45-minute treatment, you will not undress and wear a gown. During your treatment, I will assess what your skin needs at that time. Different factors such as stress, medications and pregnancy, etc. are considered and a treatment is then tailored to achieve the best results for your skin. Jenny will always work to ensure that you have a positive, relaxing experience with a focus on providing a treatment that will help your skin progress further and ensure that you understand what the root cause is so you can make the necessary lifestyle adjustments.

Do I have to use your products?

Obviously, I cannot make anyone use the products I recommend. However, I have put a lot of time, research, and study into the products I carry. I understand the ingredients and formulation and what to expect from them. This allows me to understand your skin better because we are creating a controlled environment. If something is not working, I can make the necessary adjustments because I understand the product. This cuts down on guesswork that will hinder progress.

What’s the best way to achieve my skincare goals?

Oh! I’m so glad you asked!

The best way to achieve your skin care goals is to consistently follow the home care and lifestyle changes I have recommended. I am here to help you achieve your goals. I will act as your esthetician and skin care coach essentially. However, most of your results are going to be from lifestyle changes that I have identified as having a negative impact on your skin. These can be as simple as using the correct home care, learning to cleanse properly, or identifying an irritating ingredient. Sometimes other lifestyle changes are critical as well. These can be things like sleep hygiene, diet, or switching laundry detergent.

Why am I not seeing results?

Stalled results can happen for several reasons. Skin cells are amazing, but they do need time to respond and behave the way we wish they would. Most results depend on a client’s willingness to consistently make the necessary changes. The most common reason is inconsistent home care or improper use of home care.

Some other reasons for stalled results can be stress, poor diet, smoking, drinking, etc. All these take away the necessary nutrients our skin needs to function. If our skin is not provided with the necessary nutrients and oxygen to function it will not be able to fully respond to even the best skin care. Another common but often overlooked issue is cellular senescence. The age of the cell and the level of damage will affect how well it can respond as well. These factors are taken into account during your consultation and ensuing treatments and will inform our expectations.

Why can’t I make an appointment?

Because I see some clients 2-3 times a month I tend to book up 2-3 months in advance. I have found that clients who get in regularly go online each month and book an appointment 3 months out. In this way, they are always booked for the next three months. An excellent option is also getting on my waitlist. It works! You can put yourself on the waitlist through Schedulicity or I can do it for you.

What types of treatments and modalities do you use?

Many of my treatments are focused on creating and maintaining homeostasis within the skin. I believe in supportive skincare that does not create inflammation and requires no downtime. Microcurrent, LED therapy, Manual Lymphatic Drainage, and Fascia Release are at the core of my practice. The skincare I work with is designed to heal and correct. I do work with some peels, but I rely heavily on enzymes and peptides during treatments.

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